Mission Statement

Living Life To the Fullest at Our Christian Residential Centers

2nd Chance Industries, a faith-based initiative in Wichita, Kansas, offers Christian transitional living for men and women. Our homes are comfortable, intentional living communities where residents do the daily household tasks.

Our Homes

Do you need a supportive community and a wholesome living environment where you can refocus? Perhaps you have a loved one who can benefit from our services. We operate two houses for men and a different house for women. Our men's homes can accommodate 12, although we try to keep the number of residents at 10. Our women's home will house eight. Children are not currently allowed in our permanent residences.

Each house admits new residents by election. We do not tolerate stealing or other illegal behaviors. We want to empower our residents to lead new lives according to the following set of values:

• Devotion to Jesus Christ
• Sobriety
• Community
• Discipleship
• Integrity
• Trust in God


Happy Family

2nd Chance Living Logo

Please contact us for information about openings in any of our Christian residential centers. We look forward to offering our help. Also ask about the lawn care and light construction work available in our community.